2025 ISAA Symposium

April 6 – 11, 2025

Windsor Barra – Rio de Janeiro

Join us in the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro next year for a symposium brimming with pride in agrochemical science. When not honing your craft in one of our dynamic sessions, immerse yourself in colorful, lively Brazilian neighborhoods with colleagues from all over the world. Experience the breathtaking natural beauty of the Atlantic Forest and tropical plantations as you unwind from a day of groundbreaking industry advancements. Whether you are just starting your career or have been a trailblazing scientist, the ISAA Triennial Symposium will unite the brightest in our international industry as it has done for decades.

Call for Abstracts

We kindly invite you to submit your abstract for the 13th ISAA conference in Brazil 2025. Scholarship on the topics below will be highlighted and encouraged. However, all submissions are welcome.

Understanding Adjuvants Mode of Action

Retention Mechanisms and their Impact

Deposit Formation and its Relevance

Uptake Processes and Influencing Factors

Biological Performance

Impact of Adjuvants on Pesticide Efficacy

Enhancing Plant Response with Adjuvant Formulations

Sustainable Agrochemical Industry Solutions

Green and Sustainable Solvents in Formulations

Alternatives to Traditional Adjuvant Emulsifiers (TAE)

Addressing Endocrine Disruption Concerns in Formulations

Solutions to Reduce Eye Toxicity in Agrochemicals

Reducing Risk Assessment & Environmental Impact

Additives to Enhance Rain Fastness

Solutions to Reduce Leaching of Agrochemicals

Approaches to Minimize Spray Drift

Precision Application Technologies and Methodologies

Bio-Based Solutions

Adjuvants and Formulations for Biopesticides

Enhancing the Efficacy of Biocontrol Agents

Innovations in Agrochemical Formulations

Novel Additives and Their Applications

Advancements in Formulation Types (e.g., Oil Dispersions, Emulsion in Water)

Future of Adjuvants Research

Precision Farming and its Role in Adjuvant Development

Application Systems and the Role of Adjuvants

Pest Management Innovations and Adjuvant Integration

Seed Treatment Advancements with a Focus on Adjuvants

The Role of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in Research

AI and Machine Learning Models in Adjuvant Development

Predictive Analytics for Environmental Impact Assessment

Data-Driven Formulation and Optimization

Future Trends in AI and Big Data Shaping the Next Generation of Adjuvants

Submission Guidelines

Download the abstract template here.

The deadline for submitting an abstract has been extended to August 15, 2024.

There are three types of presentations/publications that can be selected (please indicate your preferred presentation type):

– 20 minute oral presentation and submission of an extended abstract (3 pages).

– 30 minutes oral presentation and submission of an extended abstract (3 pages) + a full publication in a peer reviewed journal after the conference for a special edition covering ISAA 2025. Accepting a longer presentation guarantees not presenting on the last day and the academic benefits of publishing your research.

– Poster presentation and submission of poster.

The initial abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee focusing on the proposed topic, purpose of research, potential impact of anticipated results, novelty and innovation, and anticipated contribution to the field. Please be sure to address each of these areas in the abstract. Authors whose abstracts are selected by the Scientific Committee for potential inclusion in the Symposium will be contacted and provided additional instructions on the preparation and submission of extended abstracts and posters. To ensure a high level of scientific quality, all extended abstracts and posters will be peer reviewed by the scientific committee. Oral presentation time slots are limited, and with submissions typically exceeding the available slots, final acceptance will be based on scientific content, the fit of the content to the program, and novelty of the investigation.

Ready to Submit?

Email your finalized abstract to

[email protected]

by August 15, 2024

We look forward to your submission!